Before Angels with Scaly Wings, there were Angels with Broken Hearts.

Angels with Broken Hearts is a webcomic that explores the lives of many characters from Angels with Scaly Wings, and takes place in three different settings - each drawn by a different artist.

New pages will be released for free on our website, but supporting us on Patreon will get you many exclusive perks, such as:

Similar to Angels with Scaly Wings, there are events that must be witnessed before other stories can be progressed. Seeing certain chapters will unlock others for voting and possible release - and YOU and other patrons get to determine where the story continues.


Patreon is a site that lets creators make campaigns where “patrons” can pledge a monthly amount to support the creator in exchange for variety of perks. This model is similar to crowdfunding, but more suited to ongoing projects such as webcomics.

Your support will not only ensure the continuation of this project, but also help funding our next Visual Novel - which fans of AwSW will surely be interested in!

About the story’s 3 settings:


Every story has a beginning, and for Sebastian, this is where it all started - or at least where his career is concerned! This setting starts with Sebastian's first day in the police force and also features chapters about Zhong, Damion and Vara's family.

Drawn by 7aho, best known for creating the majority of the introductory CGs in Angels with Scaly Wings - including the CG of Adine in the rain.


Set several years before the events of Angels with Scaly Wings, this setting begins with Amelia and her friendship with Adine as well as her and Remy's relationship. Maverick also appears in this story, throwing Amelia's chapters into sharp contrast as he juggles his job, family and love life.

Drawn by Aeghite, an artist who contributed CGs to Angels with Scaly Wings such as the dinner with Anna, meeting Zhong, and Remy’s dessert mishap.


In the human world, Reza is rescued and taken in by members of a settlement deep in Nevada's desolate plains. As he adjusts to his new life, this setting depicts the settlement's struggle for survival and the events directly leading up to the beginning of Angels with Scaly Wings.

Drawn by Peter Cacho, a professional comic book artist who currently resides in the Philippines.


What will pledges be used for?

Your support will not only ensure the continuation of this project, but hopefully also help to fund our next Visual Novel - which fans of AwSW will surely be interested in!

How long is it going to be?

The comic is divided into 19 chapters, followed by a short ending. We estimate there will be 200-300 pages in total.

How fast are you planning to release pages?

At the start, we will release a minimum of two new pages per month. If we can achieve some of our Patreon goals, the minimum will go up!

Please keep in mind that when we say “minimum”, we really mean that. This slower pace at the beginning is intended to give our artists a buffer to create new pages that can be released without falling behind our official schedule.

We are planning to release extra pages on top of the minimum when we can.

Can I read Angels with Broken Hearts without ever having played Angels with Scaly Wings?

Angels with Broken Hearts was explicitly written as a prequel to Angels with Scaly Wings.

You may still enjoy the stories without having played AwSW, but you are likely to enjoy them a lot more if you have already finished Angels with Scaly Wings.

Is my favorite AwSW main character going to be in this?

All of the main AwSW characters will play a part, although Angels with Broken Hearts also greatly expands on characters that had a smaller role in Angels with Scaly Wings and gives them an opportunity to tell their stories.

How would you rate AwBH’s content?

Like Angels with Scaly Wings, Angels with Broken Hearts is intended for mature audiences.

Without content restrictions of the platforms Angels with Scaly Wings was released on, we will be able to be a little more daring in regards to what content can be depicted in our work.

How do cameo slot auctions work?

We will periodically run auctions for cameo slots where people will be able to insert their own characters into upcoming pages as a cameo.

These cameos will vary by scope - how many panels and pages they will appear in and whether they will have dialogue of any sort. The scope of each slot will be listed with the auction.

After an auction is over, the winning bidder will receive a discount on their final bid equal to the total amount they have contributed to the Patreon campaign so far (or since they last won a cameo auction).

Will you make a physical version of the comic?

We’re looking at it, but if we do, it’ll be after everything is released digitally.

What else can we do to show our support?

Spread the word! Share our work with people who might be interested in it, or post about it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network.

Have any additional questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us via our social media channels or email at any time!


Creator, Writer, Producer: M. B. Saunders

Artists: 7aho, Aeghite, Peter Cacho

Character Design: Dahlia Wilder, Aeghite

Editors: timepatches, Renkka

Web Design: Tatiana Bernardo